Before retiring from the business in 2008, Mike Sullivan spent 32 years in the PC industry, beginning in 1976 with the birth of the “home computer” era. From 1983 to 2008, Mike was the national training manager for a top-tier brand-name computer peripherals manufacturer, helping to bring world-changing new technologies to market.

Literally “present at creation” for many of the most important computer industry innovations, Mike was deeply involved in all aspects of the personal computer revolution, working on the inside at one of the world’s top high-technology manufacturers.

With over three decades of in-depth hands-on management and technical experience, Mike has done everything from designing Web-based training systems to delivering stand-up product training all over North America. Mike has extensive expertise in technical writing, project management, product training, curriculum development and event planning, plus decades of hands-on skills with all kinds of PC and Macintosh hardware and software, networking, peripherals, and much more.

In addition, Mike has used Macs exclusively as his own personal computers since 1995, and he’s a hard-core Mac enthusiast who keeps up with the industry and product evolution.

Chances are, if it’s something having to do with a Mac, Mike has done it before and knows how to make it work, quickly and simply.